The Benefits of a Home Extension


A home extension is a fantastic project to undertake for your property. At Miller Pattison, we’ve been researching into the benefits of investing in your property with a home extension.

There are a number of investments you can make for your home, but an extension offers the best solution in terms of improving the value of your property and the quality of your home life.

 There are a number of renovation builders across global cities such as London, New York and Brisbane that offer fantastic home renovations and extensions. It’s always easy to get inspired and decide what your dream home could look like.

1) Improves Your Home Value

In the property market, it’s always important to be constantly investing in your home to gradually improve its value. An extension is one of the best ways to achieve this.

The exact % an extension can add to your home value varies on what you plan on putting inside it. For example, a new, double bedroom can improve the value of the property by around 10%!

2) Maximises Your Homes’ Potential

A home extension gives you an opportunity to truly expand the living space your current home has to offer.

An extension gives you a chance to renovate your property and redesign your home.

A popular reason why homeowners in Brisbane opt to bring home builders into their home is to improve the quality of their life. There are a number of fantastic projects that have benefit greatly from an extension.

3) Expand Rather than Move

Your home extension can help make you fall in love with your home again. Moving away can cause a number of annoying problems and can prove to be costly too.

Rather than spend more money on moving, you can begin to use the money saved to extend and redesign your property, creating a fantastic investment in the long run.