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Letting out your property

Turn your home into profit Did you know that sites like Airbnb could help you earn thousands and thousands of pounds a month by just letting out your home or even a spare room? However, for some landlords and homeowners, this can be a daunting task – especially when you don’t know where to begin. […]
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An Expert Guide on Flooring: Begin Updating Your Home Today Are you looking for a way to renovate your property? Flooring is a great way to start. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the best flooring options for you. What do you need to consider when choosing flooring? There are a number […]
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Modern & Classic Conservatory

Conservatories Enjoy the outdoors inside with a stylish conservatory; it’s the smart way to add extra space to your property. An attractive, well design conservatory is a distinctive feature providing extra space which will enhance the appearance of your home and boost its value. There is a wide range of styles, prices, and materials; from […]
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Whatever the size of your garden, the landscape gardening, we can help you can to achieve your desired requirements. If required, we can plan your garden design incorporating special eye-catching features or embellish your own thoughts and ideas to create a garden to be proud of. Whether you’re entertaining guests or planning a family celebration, […]
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Bathroom maintenance

Thermostatic Showers? What are they? Thermostatic Showers, the traditional mains-fed shower can be a liability. One flush of a loo or turn of a hot tap can leave you under a torrent of scalding or freezing water. Thermostatic mixer showers allow you to preset the temperature you want to shower at and then maintain that […]
4 Feb by miller-pattison

Hot tub relocation

Have you recently moved house or have you acquired a new hot tub and need it re-positioned in your garden? Elite Hot Tubs have skilled staff that will ensure your hot tub or swim spa is moved safely from one location to another. We can also reconnect and commission your spa if you require this […]
4 Jan by miller-pattison

3 awesome recipes for domestic cleaning at home

Regular attention to home hygiene and convenience is a sign of strict housekeeping and perfect house maintenance. Any cleaning action you do daily is always rewarded – mostly with the sense that you are really in your home, sweet home! If you do struggle for domestic cleanliness harder, the very first thing you must do […]
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Do I apply for the CIGA 25 year guarantee? No, we will submit the guarantee application. The guarantee is posted to you direct from CIGA. Keep it safe CIGA is a non-profit organisation; its only function, is to stand as guarantor for the promises set out in the guarantee. It has the resources to meet […]
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question How do I know the walls are full? Each system has a defined pattern of holes, which has been tested to verify that it results in a complete fill. Most systems have an automatic cut out, which actuates when the adjacent wall area is full. There is tolerance in the injection pattern […]
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Renovating Your Home: On a Budget

When renovating your home it would be good to consider thigs or services that include: External attention The inside of a home is where all our attention goes. The exterior of our homes is just as important, however it is easy to let it go. The external parts of our home need regular maintenance because […]