Common Questions about Carpet Cleaning


When it comes to cleaning carpets, there are a few questions homeowners ask themselves and continue to remain unsure about.

At Miller Pattison, we take a look at a few commonly asked questions when it comes to carpet cleaning and what the actual answers are to them.

Can you walk on the carpet after cleaning?

The process of carpet cleaning can usually involve steaming hot water and then applying the mixture with detergent to the carpet fibres.

For this type of process, it can usually take several hours for the carpet to fully dry. You can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning, however, you should be careful because the carpet fibres will most likely still be damp and need to dry. You can ventilate the area by opening a window to speed the process up.

How often should carpet be cleaned?

For the average household, we recommend that you should clean your carpet with a vacuum at least twice a week and have the carpets around your home professionally cleaned at least once a year. Best carpet choice for kids and pets.

However, the frequency of cleaning your carpets depends on the type of household you have. For kids and pets who are more likely to leave a mess on carpets, you should look to clean the area from three to seven times a week.

Does cleaning your carpet ruin it?

A carpet cleaner is often asked if cleaning your carpet can ruin its fibres. Modern carpet cleans and other cleaning chemicals are designed to pass certain standards that are completely safe to use on carpets.

The best way to keep your carpet looking brand new is to regularly clean it on a weekly basis.

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