Hot tub relocation

4 Feb by miller-pattison

Hot tub relocation

Have you recently moved house or have you acquired a new hot tub and need it re-positioned in your garden?

Elite Hot Tubs have skilled staff that will ensure your hot tub or swim spa is moved safely from one location to another.

We can also reconnect and commission your spa if you require this service.

Prices are very competitive and vary depending on the nature of the move (i.e if crane required and what area in the UK).

Things you need to consider when relocating your hot tub to another location:

  • Make sure you have the access from the property it’s being moved from and to its final position. This might seem obvious but you need to consider you will need a little more than the width of the tub as the tub will be lifted onto its side to transport.

  • You will also need to consider a plumbing service in case things don’t go according to plan. This is a complex job and needs to be done carefully. A plumbing service like Zambezi Plumbing will help you with burst pipes and bathroom plumbing which is appropriate in this case. They are located in Perth and have years of plumbing experience. Their certified tradesmen are experts in this field. They are able to repair, install and service most make of cisterns, taps, and toilets on first attendance.
  • The height of the tub is also important. You need to make sure there are no drain pipes or overgrown bushes that may obstruct the access.
    In some cases, customers may have built a porch or a wall after they bought the hot tub so this may not be as easy as just lifting the hot tub manually. If this is the case, you will require a crane to lift the hot tub out.

Once you have established there is sufficient access, you will need to turn the tub off from the mains and disconnect the spa.

If you are still unsure on how to do this read this article: How to Disconnect a Hot Tub | Home Guides | SF Gate

The hot tub needs to be drained completely. Unscrewing the union nuts near the pump will drain all the water from the plumbing and this will make it lighter to lift. Turning the hot tub onto its side with the help of some friends will help drain the water completely.

  • If you’re having your hot tub moved onto a special hot tub trolley then make sure you have enough people to lift each corner onto the trolley. They are made to go over most surfaces but not steps. Any big inclines will require the tub lifted off and then back onto the trolley. Having straps around the hot tub will make it more secure when transporting, but if you don’t, make sure you have someone there to steady it while moving. Planks of woods can be used in some cases with small steps to help lower the heavy trolley.
  • Hot tubs can weigh nearly up to half a tonne and can be very awkward to lift as they have no handles so bear this in mind. If you’re manually lifting the hot tub the whole distance without a trolley, you will need at least four people. The more people will make it easier if you can spare more hands.
  • Once you have reached your final location and depending if you used a trolley or not, you need to gradually lower the hot tub back down making sure you have people on the higher end ready to grab the sides as it gets lowered slowly.
    If you’re happy with your final location then you need to go through the process of reconnecting the spa. Make sure the union nuts are screwed back in place before filling back up.