4 Dec by miller-pattison


Do I apply for the CIGA 25 year guarantee?

No, we will submit the guarantee application. The guarantee is posted to you direct from CIGA. Keep it safe

CIGA is a non-profit organisation; its only function, is to stand as guarantor for the promises set out in the guarantee. It has the resources to meet the promises made in the guarantee.

All professional approved installing firms are members of CIGA and can apply for a CIGA guarantee, for properties built with traditional cavity walls. You should insist on a CIGA guarantee, since nothing else can give you the level of assurance to which you are entitled.

Will my house be warmer?

Yes – if your heating is not controlled by a thermostat. However, if you have a thermostat, it will cut out the heating at the same temperature, so you may not notice the difference in the room with the thermostat. However, you should find that the temperature in other parts of your house improves, for example the small bedroom on the corner.

Are there any maintenance or servicing requirements?

No, to the cavity wall insulation, but normal building maintenance is needed.

How long will the insulation last?

For the life of the building – the British Board of Agrément say so.