Property Guide

A guide to building your home

What you need to know about property construction

One of the biggest processes in our lives is searching for a house, or a plot of land to build that dream home.

With the property market surging, it is becoming more popular for families to move out of the city, and to seek more space to build, renovate or develop the home they have envisaged. 

1. Plot

Location, Location Location. This is the very first thing you need to consider. It is not always about price of plot, but where that plot is. If you plan on building a property that will be your home for the long-term, then the location needs to be your ideal area.

Here are some helpful considerations when choosing a location:

Centrality and Connections

Is the plot of land/area close to the main railway, airport and other transport links? Is it accessible to major motorways, is it commutable to your office or place of work?

While living rurally is wonderful, it is important to strike the balance between rurality and a peaceful setting, with connections to major towns and cities too.

Popular areas for first-time buyers.


Assess the feel of the community and neighbourhood around you – is it an urban or suburban feel? Is it secluded and rural? Really think about what kind of feel you want around you as well as within your home.


How close or accessible is your plot to towns, supermarkets, shops, restaurants etc. If you are a person or family that enjoys social life, then consider how easy it is to get to the nearest town.

If you have children, education is important to consider – how close is the nearest school, and what are the schools like in the area?

Read more about the key factors of a ‘good location’ here. 

2. Enlist the help of others

While we see some projects that are completely built by future homeowners, if you are not an experienced bricklayer, plumber, painter or electrician, then it can be a huge help to employ some contractors to complete your building project to a high standard.

Once the foundations have been laid, and the shell of the house has been erected, then it is time to choose the kind of roof you’d like on the property. Read more about roofing services here.

When your home is watertight, you are going to want to think about the plumbing and electrical appliance installations within your property.

3. Construction and Property Finance

Don’t feel like you have to completely fund the project on your own.

Taking out a property development loan is an easy and effective way of ensuring that your project can be completed to the highest standard. There are many construction finance specialists that will help you along the way.

While you will have to pay the loan back incrementally, it will give you a safety net, so that you will not have to compromise on really making your house a home.

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