Renovating Your Outdoors


When it comes to home renovation, a lot of homeowners are more focused on the interior of their property. However, at Miller Pattison, we want to highlight the importance of renovating your outdoors and the benefits it offers you.

“Gardens are incredibly important to homebuyers. If you’re looking to improve your home value, a newly renovated garden can improve your home value by 18%!”

The appearance of your garden can be incredibly important to your well-being, so it’s always important to make sure you plan your perfect garden carefully.

Did you know that garden waste makes up 14% of the household bin? But, garden waste does not belong in the bin. After your garden renovations, instead of throwing the waste away, we recommend getting in touch with a waste disposal team that specialises in garden rubbish clearances.

Expand Your Living Space

In Townsville for example, it’s extremely common to have a lot of garden space that isn’t being utilised correctly. Instead of investing a considerable amount of money on a home extension, your money could be better off going to new awnings and shade sails.

Investing in structures such as an outdoor umbrella is a fantastic way to offer shade from the sun whilst updating your outdoor area.

A New, Stunning Lawn

Your lawn should look green and healthy all year long. Investing in a new lawn can be a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle for yourself and other family members.

By starting a new lawn, it can serve as a new foundation for renovating your outdoor space, or it could be the finishing touches in tying everything together.

Lounge the Right Way with New Furniture

Having an empty patio space can make your outdoor space feel dull and empty. If you’ve renovated your garden space, you want to have the right furniture to enjoy your investment.

There are a number of outdoor lounge options that can help make your outdoor space an enjoyable area to spend time in.