Tips for bedroom design

When it comes to bedroom decor, there is nothing quite like a new look and with so many new and contemporary ideas out there, there is no time like the present to get started.

Whether you are keen to update a dreary interior or simply looking to re-style and add a little flare to an existing room. Designing a bedroom is easy if you have the right information and with a little creativity and a clear plan you can start as soon as you like. Read more.

Let’s start with your colour theme…

However, before you start purchasing, making big changes and accessorising, make sure you have a colour theme sorted and a sense of the overall look you want to achieve. There are lots of possible styles to choose, from big bold patterns, prints and large pieces of statement furniture to subtle understated tones, delicate patterns and simple design features.

To make things easy, why not put together a colour chart with lots of ideas cut from magazines? This will keep you focused and keep things co-ordinated.

Modern touches

For a modern touch make a statement with a large low line bed frame taking centre stage in the room, or try a leather bed frame in a room simply decorated in neutral tones with contrasting bright, elegant accessories. Best bedroom colours.

Cool-toned room

For a cool, shady look try paint shades in tones of blues, greens and purples. To add warmth use tones of red, orange and yellow. There’s no need to stick to curtains if you want to keep things warm with wooden features.

Features to add to your bedroom

Just add some fitted wooden blinds to sit alongside drawers and cupboards in complimentary types of wood. You can purchase blinds online.

Although furniture made of pine can bring a welcome change to a darker room, pine wood is a versatile material and can be aged to fit in with a more traditional style of bedroom. Oak will add a sense of occasion and gravity to any room and with so many additional embellishments possible, furniture can be dressed up or down to match the feel required. Click here to see the best options.

How to co-ordinate your accessories

Once you have chosen the colours, style and furniture for your room, it’s now time to make sure they are well placed and perfectly accessorised. Make sure you get the right size mattress that suits your needs, be it memory foam or sprung.

Choose carefully co-ordinated covers to match your colour scheme, either matching the tones with the walls, carpet or curtains, or making a statement by choosing fabric in contrasting colours or patterns.