Entry Phone

Business Centre

Why should you consider an entry phone system?

A video entry phone is a great system to introduce to your business premises as a way of protecting your company from unauthorised visitors. Businesses have vast amounts of IT equipment, machinery, and facilities. This is why an entry phone adds an extra layer of protection.

Telephone entry systems use a phone line to allow visitors and the property owner to communicate. When the visitor presses the correct door number, the phone will ring inside the property. Also, these systems can be integrated with video, so you can really see who is trying to access your property.

For entry phone systems for your London business, we recommend visiting this website.

Additional Level of Security

An intercom system provides an additional level of security to any building and can benefit large and small businesses, as well as residential buildings.

It is best to be in a position where you can vet who enters your business as you may not know who they area. A video system prevents uninvited situations as you can request ID from anybody that is attempting to enter your building. Find out more.

Open Doors with the Touch of a Button

Video entry allows you to open the door without you leaving your location, which is great if you are a busy individual and cannot leave your desk or a room for any reason. As there are various different door entry systems available which can be tailored based on the budget and needs of the organisation. Access control is another great system.

Most popular systems:

  • Keypad door entry
  • Buzzer system
  • Video with intercom
  • Telephone and intercom system

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